Our Goverance

Board of Directors

The OCEDC Board of Directors works with staff to improve the economic condition of the residents of Ontario County in a variety of ways. One important activity is to review applications to the Revolving Loan Fund. Download the OCEDC Board of Directors list.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of the OCEDC board meets with independent auditors to help plan for and review the results of the annual audit. Recommendations for improvements in the recordkeeping, reporting and internal controls of OCEDC are also considered by this committee. Download the OCEDC Audit Committee Charter

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee of the OCEDC board keeps the board apprised of best governance practices and identifies the skills and experience desired of future board members. Download the OCEDC Goverance Committee Charter

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews all loans, reviews higher dollar amount loans, reviews loans with unusual terms/conditions, reviews complex loans, and reviews loans with potential environmental concerns. Download the OCEDC Finance Committee Charter