Child Day Care

The Ontario County Department of Social Services administers the Office of Children and Family Services low-income child care program through the Temporary Assistance Unit. In June 2015, the income limit was increased to 175% of the poverty limit or below for its child care program. The program has become more stable and has enabled Ontario County to assist working families that are at or under 175% of the poverty level to make child care more affordable. We are also currently assisting teen parents that need to attend High School. Each family is required to pay a family fee that is based on their income and household size directly to their child care provider. Through a low-income child care grant, the child care unit pays the balance of the cost of care (up to the current market rate) directly to the provider or to the parent if care is provided in the child’s home. Each family chooses which child care provider they will use to care for their children. All providers that are eligible for a subsidy payment must be approved through the Office of Children and Family Services and/or Child and Family Resource Center. As of November 1st, 2017, the child care unit is currently assisting 239 families which includes 468 children in Ontario County to help cover the child care expense so the families can continue to be self-sufficient.

COVID-19 Notice:
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ontario County has been approved for a waiver request from the Office of Child and Family Services-Child Care Subsidy Unit that will allow us to make payments to Day Care Centers, School-Age Child Care Programs, Family Day Care & Group Family Day Care providers on behalf of a child who receives Child Care Subsidy Benefits who is temporarily absent from the Child Care program due to extenuating circumstances resulting from the effects of COVID-19 or for the providers that are closed due to the effects of COVID-19. The waiver is approved for 30 days from 03/16/2020 until 04/15/2020. Please contact the Ontario County Low-Income Child Care Unit for further guidance.

Ontario County Income Guidelines

Current Child Care Market Rates