• Affidavits for Exemption - $5 fee in duplicate with at least one original
Affidavit for exemption of special additional mortgage tax (mortgagee is an individual or Federal Credit Union) needs the following information:
  • Basis for the exemption
  • Dollar amount of the mortgage
  • Location of the property
  • Mortgagor and mortgagee names
Federal Credit Union can claim exemption on any type of land, but the individual mortgagee can only claim it on a one- to six-family dwelling with separate cooking facilities (cannot say "to be improved").

Must have a jurat, "sworn to before me", not an acknowledgment (unless it is signed by an attorney with the statement "being an attorney at law, licensed to practice..., makes this statement on the pains and penalties of perjury").


Affidavit for exemption of all mortgage tax (state and federal government agencies) on mortgages must include all information listed above.

Affidavit for exemption of all mortgage tax on supplemental mortgages must include information listed in above plus all of the following:
  • Amount of any further indebtedness
  • Amount of mortgage tax paid at the time of recording said mortgages
  • Date of the prior mortgage(s)
  • Liber(s) and page(s) of the prior mortgage(s)
  • Remaining balance on each mortgage