Land Record Indexes

Grantee Deed Indexes, 1789-1845

Please note that these indexes are the Grantee (who bought the land) indexes. Currently, indexes for the years following 1845 and the indexes arranged by Grantor (seller) for the years 1789-1845 are available on microfilm for in-house research only. As this is a work in progress, we will have transcriptions of these indexes available in the future. 

Tip: To search a name as Grantor, you may search through each letter of the alphabet to check for possible land sales between 1789-1845. Simply hit Control+F for the search box on the Letter web pages in your browser and type in your search terms.

State of Connecticut Land Transactions, Bound Volume

Early in the history of Ontario County, the School Fund of the State of Connecticut invested in land in Ontario County. One record book exists at RAIMS that includes records of sales of land for the benefit of the School 27 Fund. There is no other designation or title on the book. Records date between 1812-1822, predating the state requirement to file deeds with the County Clerk's office. With that in mind, aside from early tax assessment rolls, many of these transactions may be the only record on file for an individual owning property in the county, before moving on from the area.