How do I obtain a copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate?
Quick answer is, NOT AT ONTARIO COUNTY RECORDS AND ARCHIVES. For birth, death and marriage records, contact the city, village, or town clerk (or registrar) where the record was made and event took place. Marriage records are available from the Town or City Clerk of the municipality where the Marriage License was issued. It is rare for a municipality to have birth, death, or marriage records for any period prior to 1882. The New York State Department of Health can also provide certified records to those eligible to receive them.

How do I get a certified copy of a record?

RAIMS does not have the authority to provide certified copies of any record. Generally, those must be obtained from the department or agency that created the record. The requirements for certification of records are established by state law.

What kind of stuff do you have at the Records Center?

Please refer to the RAIMS Guide for Family and Local History Research and our online Record Indexes.

Do you have cemetery records? 
There are a limited number of cemetery records here at RAIMS, but for a more comprehensive collection, please visit the Ontario County Historical Society. This applies for newspapers, directories, and historical photographs as well. 

Do you have maps?
Yes, a variety of maps are available, including the 1874 and 1904 Ontario County Atlas, that show lot numbers, school districts, and landowners; a 1859 wall map showing landowners, and 1851, 1889 and 1908 maps of Canandaigua with street names and owners. An 1856 map of the Town of Seneca and Geneva Village shows owners. NY State and vicinity in 1822 indicates migration routes. For property tax maps please contact Real Property Tax. Custom maps may also be created by the county. Please see the Planning Department’s GIS Program for more details.