• Preconstruction: Intersection of Deuel Road and CR16
  • Preconstruction: Culvert 22 Retaining Wall & Pipe Outlet
  • Preconstuction: Culvert 23 Retaining Wall & Pipe Outlet
  • Clearing Site: Deuel Road in Background
  • Trench Excavation Across CR16 for Watermain Relocation
  • Watermain Relocation to West Side of CR16
  • Culvert 22: Demolition of Existing Wall
  • Holes Drilled in front of Old Retaining Wall
  • Drilling Holes for New Retaining Wall Piles
  • Piles Installed & Grouted, Temp. Casing Removed
  • Row of Piles
  • Finishing Concrete Pour

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